Syracuse Mayoral Race 2017

Joe Nicoletti and Marty Masterpole address primary defeat

Josh ShubSeltzer | Contributing Photographer

Nicoletti and Perez Williams were neck-and-neck in the polls, but in the eleventh hour Perez Williams pulled ahead.

Joe Nicoletti, an at-large Syracuse Common Council member, and City Auditor Marty Masterpole conceded the Democratic Party nomination late Tuesday night to Juanita Perez Williams in the Syracuse mayoral race.

Here’s a rundown on Nicoletti’s and Masterpole’s watch parities and what they told their supporters after the results came in.

Joe Nicoletti


Josh ShubSeltzer | Contributing Photographer

Joe Nicoletti’s watch party took place in his campaign headquarters Tuesday night. The small room was crowded with supporters, many wearing “Joe Nicoletti for a better Syracuse” T-shirts and “Let’s go Joe Nicoletti” stickers.

The mood in the room changed from one of optimism to disappointment over the course of the night, once it became clear that Juanita Perez Williams had obtained 52 percent of the votes.

Nicoletti himself did not arrive at the watch party until 10:39 p.m., after the results had been announced. He was greeted with applause from the attendees and made a short speech.

“I want to thank the voters. I want to say I appreciate your support. I appreciate your confidence,” Nicoletti said. “And I want to say that we must not forget that this is our city, and it belongs to all of us.”

He also emphasized the importance of working across party lines and the need to continue addressing issues like the education system, public safety and the job market.

Nicoletti stayed after his speech to thank every attendee personally.

Christine Fix, Nicoletti’s campaign manager, said the campaign took on Nicoletti’s personality and that there were no regrets.

“Our approach from the beginning was put it all out there, throw it all on the wall, get it all out there so when you turn around, you don’t have any regrets,” Fix said. “And we just don’t.”

Both Nicoletti and Fix wished Perez Williams the absolute best.

Marty Masterpole


Olivia Gormley | Contributing Photographer

On Tipperary Hill in Syracuse’s oldest bar, Nibsy’s Pub, a small crowd of Masterpole’s supporters watched the results come in on computers and tablets. A cheer rose up from the group as Masterpole took an early lead from the first precinct.

Although the crowd gained some numbers throughout the evening, about 15 people were there when Masterpole finally arrived to the bar after watching the results with his family.

Masterpole ended in third place with about 10 percent of the vote. Although he said he was disappointed, he looks forward to working with the Democratic nominee.

“I don’t know where my supporters are going to go,” Masterpole said. “I can suggest what I think is best for the city, but whomever ends up being successful, I think it’s their responsibility to convince my supporters they’re the right person for the job.”

When Masterpole learned that Perez Williams had officially been victorious, he congratulated her. He said he was proud to have run a positive campaign because he knows he could have gotten more votes from attacking.

Masterpole did, however, refute Nicoletti’s supporters claim that he took votes away from Nicoletti because he received 10 percent of the vote. Nicoletti was about 20 percent behind Perez Williams.

Although Masterpole will finish his final two years as city auditor now, he said he wouldn’t rule out running again in four or eight years.

“There could be a run in the future but there might not,” Masterpole said. “You never know.”


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